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All about Truffles - Truffle Farming & Gardening

Introducing and spreading Truffle cultivation in Portugal as First Movers since 2010, we are specialized in planing, setting up and maintaining Truffières and private Truffle Gardens.

We continuously improve and perfect our worldwide unique and effective growing methods and supplies for our clients and cooperatives by scientific research in cooperation with international partners. 

We provide one hand service for all needs of professional and successful Truffle Farming.

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Mushroom Cultivation

Our HESPA standard lab supplies professional and hobby mushroom growers with sterile cultures, substrates and inoculi for various gourmet and medicinal mushroom species.

All products come in reusable glasses and dishes (autoclavable), and natural packaging. We strictly avoid plastics, aluminium or other toxic packaging materials to ensure a constant sustainable and eco-friendly manufactured quality. 

All products are freshly produced on Your demand.
We offer attractive discounts for professional growers or resellers.

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Fresh Gourmet Products - on demand

Algarve Truffles provides finest Bio-Gourmet food in the Algarve.

All products are bio-organicaly and freshly grown on Your demand. We're specialized in Truffles, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, rare herbs & vegetables, combining healthy nutrition and exclusive taste experience to an exclusive Gourmet product line. 

Our portfolio includes as well plans for local Chefs and shops, as individual, solidary agriculture plans for families and other private households. 

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