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The wonderful world of mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the oldest known lifeforms on earth. They form a distinct biological genus next to plants and animals.

Since times immemorial people from all continents appreciate mushrooms als valuable food, and also as a remedy for various kinds of diseases. Mushrooms are the "cleaning crew" of the nature: they "eat" environmental contaminants, neutralize them and convert them into harmless or even usefull substances. The effect of mushrooms on the human body is quite comparable: the body is cleansed and detoxified. 

We have put together an exclusive collection of delicious and wholesome mushrooms for You. We deliver them by season freshly to Your door, You can pick them up directly at our farm shop, and with some of them You can also "plant" an own, beautyfull little mushroom garden at Your home, by using our products, or learn how to cultivate mushrooms in our specialized workshops.

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Supplies for mushroom cultivation

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